Dark Matter, Season 4

Fans have supported the SYFY original drama for three seasons, which is why they absolutely need Season 4 of Dark Matter, from creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. What was supposed to be a serialized cliffhanger suddenly turned into the series finale for the show, without any resolution in the near future.

According to Variety, Dark Matter has been cancelled after three seasons. The third season finale, which aired last week and can be watched repeatedly On Demand, will now serve as the  series finale.The first seasons introduced viewers to  an intergalactic misfit crew, who suddenly awaken on a derelict spaceship without any memories of who they are or how they got there.

SPOILERS AHEAD: Here are 7 reasons why we need Dark Matter Season 4:

7) The Best Comic Book Adaptation Ever!

Dark Matter is based on Mallozzi and Mullie’s Dark Horse graphic novel. The collection sets up the premise and the visual design of the series. No easy feat, the showrunners found a way to tell their sci-fi tale that works in the comic book and television medium.

6) 6

I have been a huge fan of Roger Cross since 24. He captures the emotional heart of the series. I definitely want to know what happened to 6 after the explosion? is he in an alternate reality? Is he still alive? Will he return to stop the alien invasion! Too many questions!

5) 5

Jodelle Ferland is awesome as the spunky 5 and looks amazing with green hair! Ferland was insanely creepy as Sharon/Alessa in Silent Hill! You can already tell Ferland is A-list talent after watching this show!

4) 4

We just got back 4 (Alex Mallari Jr.)! For most of the third season, 4 was emperor of his own planet, keeping Mallari separated from the rest of the ensemble. 4 finally came back in the finale and brought back the group dynamic!

3) 3

What I love about this show is the deconstruction of 3 (Anthony Lemke). 3 wants everyone to see this tough guy persona but deep down, he is really a lost soul inside. Lemke shows off his comedic talents in my favorite episode of third season, All the Time in the World.

2) 2

2 (Melissa O’Neil) is such a badass! I loved her fight scene with 4 in Hot Chocolate! In the cliffhanger, 2 is possessed by evil aliens! How is the team going to get her back?

1) Android!

Zoie Palmer is so fantastic in her role as The Android.She demonstrates so much range; from drama to comedy to romance. You will just fall in love with this character!

You can fight to save Dark Matter through the petition here, or tweet to @Syfy #SaveDarkMatter, or buy the previous seasons on DVD because money talks to executives!

– By Jorge Solis

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  1. We need a season 4 of Dark Matter it was just taking off and going in a direction to kill the show without an ending, that’s not fair when something big was about happen, OH PLEASE JUST GIVE US AN ENDING

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