LA, I'm Leaving Right Awayy

Photo by Patrice Van Malder

In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, the talented musician, LA, talks about how her first pop/electronic EP, I’m Leaving Right Away, came about. With her fantastic vocals and memorable tracks, LA’s EP debut takes listeners on an incredibly fun and special trip. 

Three years ago, LA took the music industry by storm with her sensational first single, “Show Time.” And now with I’m Leaving Right Away, her bouncy tracks contain the sheer gorgeousness and vibrancy of the electronic sound. Her lush EP expresses a potential creativity happening on a truly epic scale. 

With I’m Leaving Right Away available now, LA talks about how the tracks came about, directing her first music video, and shares her thoughts on how the coronavirus outbreak has affected her upcoming plans. Check out the first official music video to “I’m Leaving Right Away” as we head off to the artist’s studio to talk about the craft of making music. 

Photo by Patrice Van Malder

VILLAIN MEDIA: As an artist, who would you say are your influences? 

LA: When I was little, I was influenced by a lot of big pop stars, like Britney Spears, like when she was like working with Pharrell Williams, and Lady Gaga, Madonna. All those big pop stars and Elton John. I’ve also been influenced by electronic music. Since I’m in Paris, I’ve been working with a lot of French DJ producers.

Actually my next EP, I’m producing it with this French producer called The Supermen Lovers [Guillaume Atlan]. I don’t know if you heard about him. He’s well known in the French Touch movement, like with Daft Punk. There’s this kind of electro vibe.

Photo by Patrice Van Malder

VM:What inspired you to start your first EP?

LA: It’s when I arrived in Paris. Now I’ve been living in Paris for years now. And my first group of friends, they were going to parties all the time. I didn’t have so much fun. I noticed they were taking a lot of drugs. And it was so weird because they were all taking drugs and I was the only one not taking drugs. But I was the only one dancing and having fun. After a while, I decided to leave this group. That’s why I invented this song, “I’m Leaving Right Away.”

VM: Tell me about how the track, “It’s Time To Go,” came about.

LA: Actually it’s funny because we were actually thinking, “I’m Leaving Right Away,” was supposed to be just a single. And I’m really close with electronic here in Paris and they were like, “Laura, you have to do a house electronic remix for this track.” And I was like, “Okay!” So I was with my producers and we were working on the remix. And finally, we had to make the disco edits. I don’t know why but one day we were trying hard to do this remix. We did “It’s Time To Go,” and it’s another song.

It’s funny because at this period, I discovered Rick and Morty. I never saw it before. And during one week, just watching it, I was so influenced by Rick and Morty. So when we recorded it, I was crazy! It’s kind of fun! But it’s in the same vein as “I’m Leaving Right Away,” about drugs and partying. 

That’s why I like the EP. There’s three different styles for three different kinds of public. “It’s Time To Go” is more electronic and “I’m Leaving Right Away” is more pop. And the other one’s more disco. I like the fact that it’s different.

VM: Tell me about making the music video for “I’m Leaving Right Away.”

LA: It was inspired by my friends. As I told you, they love parties. I really love the fact there’s a lot of colors, glitters. It’s why I wanted to show drugs, but also add glitter and fancy things. It’s more like a photoshoot. So this was kind of a new thing for me. I couldn’t let it bomb. I realized I wanted to direct my first music video. I’m happy about the final thing. Voila!

VM: Tell me about incorporating sign language into your music video.

LA: I’ve been adding American Sign Language in n my choreography. In the music videos, you can see why I actually put subtitles. I’ve actually been doing this for a long time. I did four years of Bollywood dance. And I really love Bollywood dance! And one day, I was looking at a TV show, with people doing American Sign Language, and it inspired me so much. I found a link between Bollywood and American Sign Language because there’s this thing with hands. And I was like, “Oh, why shouldn’t I do actually a dance that could bring more than just dancing, that can bring me a message?” That’s why I translated all my songs.

Even in my next live performances. I will be doing American Sign Language when I dance. And, I think it’s important to send a larger message to people who can’t hear music. And for the first time, last year was the first time I went to New York. It was incredible!

Photo by Patrice Van Malder

I met this guy who was deaf. I told him about what I was doing. He held me and corrected my hands. And when I first did the song, he was so impressed! And there was another girl, who also does American Sign Language. She had like glitter in their eyes. It was magic! And this was so magical because it’s like, I was speaking for the first time to someone, in their language. It was fine. It was a really magical moment. And that’s why I really want to do that for all my songs and to have this message. I think it’s important.

And it is pretty! It’s really pretty! I love using it! I I saw on my YouTube channel, there are some comments about the fact I was adding American Sign Language. They were so happy in the community! Yeah, it’s so cool!

VM: Because artists are dealing with the pandemic and struggling to create, tell me about how you try to stay creative during this difficult time.

LA: This quarantine thing made me realize that during these three years, I was really focused and working with DJ producers in electronic music. I kind of lost the basic thing of my pop songs. I’ve been kind of blessed in electronic music. So this quarantine thing made me come back to all my old songs and my real, soulful songs. And I’m so glad about that because it inspired me so much to create some new songs with my piano. And now, I’m really excited to produce my pop acoustics song. 

Photo by Patrice Van Malder

VM: How do you think your first EP changed you as an artist?

LA: Wow! How did it change me? I don’t know how to answer this question! It was kind of a big step for me, like my first EP, my first music video, and it was actually challenging too! I guess it was inspiring because I know this is what I want I do. I really want to continue doing what I love and sharing a message. The fact that I’m talking about drugs, that you can have fun without drugs. I don’t want to leave a message with people saying drugs are bad because I’m not like a mother. But I just want to say you can have fun without it. People see electronic music as “Ah! You listen to electronic music! Then you must be a drug addict or something!” And it’s not true. So I think with this first message, I really want to do the same thing with other messages in my other albums. And I think it’s important to leave a message to the world.

VM: What are you working on next?

LA: So for my next thing, I’m working on my EP with the Supermen Lovers, as I told you. It was supposed to be in May, in New York to do my next music video there. But since the pandemic thing, it’s kind of complicated. So I don’t know when I’ll be heading back to New York, but this is my next project. And actually, it’s talking about a president too. It’s more of a political thing.

I’m preparing for the release. But with the coronavirus, I couldn’t do it. But I will do it next month or something. I am preparing a street art campaign, where I’ll be tagging the names of my songs on the floor, in the streets of Paris, Brussels, and maybe in New York if I can. This is one of the secret projects I’m planning.

Photo by Patrice Van Malder

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