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With its amazing concept, Kill Shakespeare Volume 5: Past is Prologue: Juliet (IDW Publishing) delivers such an interesting origin tale. With its compelling plot and engaging characters, readers will definitely recognize the epic scope of William Shakespeare’s various works..

Five months have taken place since the death of Romeo, Now we have an angry and heart-broken Juliet who is still mourning. When another death strikes, this time a murder, resonates close to her heart. The proud young woman must work to uncover who the murderer is–lest she becomes the next victim.

Here are 5 reasons why we you should get Kill Shakespeare Volume 5: Past is Prologue: Juliet:

5) A Perfect Entry Point!

New readers are definitely welcome to dive into the Kill Shakespeare Universe. Imagine Shakespeare’s greatest heroes and villains pitted against each another. This is an epic medieval/sword/sorcery series featuring Juliet, possibly the most memorable Shakespearean adventure in her solo adventure.

4) A New Take On Juliet!

Kill Shakespeare introduced Juliet as a fierce, skilled, and strong warrior. But she wan’t always like this. Not only does writer Conor McCreery breathe new ideas into the ongoing series, he brings a fresh and original take on Juliet during her early beginnings.

3) Like Living In The Theater!

Artist Corin Howell takes readers to the medieval times with such vivd illustrations. The artwork beautifully captures the backgrounds and wardrobe. Even the posing of the characters and their gestures are quite theatrical.

4) The Colors! The Colors!

Colorists Shari Chankhamma and Alex Lillie add such bouncy tones with their palette. The red highlights strike out in wide shots. The yellow lighting wonderfully hints at the rays of the sun hitting the stone walls.  

1) An Epic Read!

If you’re new to the series, Kill Shakespeare Volume 5: Past is Prologue: Juliet is the perfect place for you to start reading. If you’re an avid follower of the series, you shouldn’t miss out on this chapter either.



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Kill Shakespeare Volume 5: Past is Prologue: Juliet is out in stores on November 21, 2017.

– By Jorge Solis