Twin Peaks Photo

(Courtesy of Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME)

After months and months of teasing, Showtime premieres the first two episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return. Original stars, Kyle MacLachlan and Mädchen Amick, reunite along with new faces in the continuation of David Lynch’s crime drama.

Trapped in the Black Lodge, Dale Cooper (MacLachlan) meets with Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) after 25 years. Back in Twin Peaks, business is usual for Benjamin (Richard Beymer) and Jerry (David Patrick Kelly) Horne. Outside of Twin Peaks, Evil Dale rides into the darkness looking for Daria (Francesca Eastwood).

Evil Dale needs information but Daria and her partner are holding out on him. In the Black Lodge, Cooper is revisited by old friends, including LeLand Palmer (Ray Wise). Inside at a secret facility in New York, camera running nonstop, pointing at a large glass box.

Deputy Chief Tommy ‘Hawk’ Hill (Michael Horse) has been receiving calls from The Log Lady (Catherine E. Coulson). She warns him something is coming and it has to do with Dale Cooper. Because Cooper hasn’t been seen in 25 years, Hawk needs the help of Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz) and Lucy (Kimmy Robertson). Heading into the woods, Hawk suddenly discovers the red curtains of the Black Lodge. 

During a police investigation of a bloody massacre, Matthew Lillard (William Hastings) is accused of the murder and handcuffed. He dreamt about committing the murder but he never actually did it. Is William being framed by his cheating wife or is this Bob’s handiwork? We will never know because Evil Dale kills Matthew’s wife.

Evil Dale turns the tables on Daria and double-crosses her. After getting the information he needs from Daria, Evil Dale shoots her in the head. After hacking into the FBI, he continues his sex romp with Chantal (Jennifer Jason Leigh). He doesn’t intend on going back to the Black Lodge but The Talking Tree is trying to find him.

While Evil Dale is enjoying being on the outside, Dale Cooper is trying to escape the labyrinth of the Black Lodge. Cooper runs away from the Talking Tree’s doppelgänger and ends up in New York, trapped inside the glass box. Unfortunately, the doppelgänger is too strong for the glass box, breaking the shield, and killing Sam (Ben Rosenfield) and Tracy (Madeline Zima).

During the Chromatics’ performance of “Shadow,” Shelly (Amick) is out at the bar with her girlfriends, talking about her daughter who’s in an abusive relationship. At the same place, James (James Marshall) appears to be interested in a girl but he’s too shy to talk to her; still traumatized by his motorcycle accident. Meanwhile, Shelly appears to also have eyes on someone else who’s not Bobby.

Twin Peaks: The Return continues Sundays at 9pm on Showtime.

– By Jorge Solis