5 Reasons To Get Stephen King’s ‘It’ Chapter 1 DVD!

Stephen King It, Chapter 1, DVD,

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Warner Home Video presents the terrifying DVD and Blu-Ray release of It, the horror movie based on Chapter 1 of Stephen King’s novel. Be scared of clowns all over again with this scream-inducing thriller from director Andy Muschietti (Mama) and its bonus features.

As we previously mentioned, children have been suddenly disappearing in the town of Derry, Maine. The neighborhood kids have to band together to square off against the otherworldly Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard). They will soon realizing they are fighting an evil clown, whose very history of murder and violence dates back centuries.

Check out our 5 reasons why you should get It on DVD and Blu-Ray:

5) It’s Not A Remake!

Do not expect a remake of the ‘90s TV miniseries, but do watch this adaptation of Stephen King’s book. Among the changes, the setting now takes place in the ‘80s and revisits the New Kids on the Block music. Owning up to it’s R-rating, Georgie Denbrough (Jackson Robert Scott) gets the most bloody and gruesome demise.

4) The Chemistry!

There’s no denying that these child actors have such great chemistry with each other, which is why the horror movie works as a coming-of-age tale too. Jaeden Lieberher and Jeremy Ray Taylor are great as Bill and Ben, who compete in their puppy love towards their school crush.

3) The Best Scare!

This is my personal favorite scare in the movie! Trapped in a room full of clown dolls, Richie (Finn Wolfhard) is no longer the foul-mouthed class clown when he finds himself face-to-face with Pennywise. There is an homage to Tim Curry lurking in the background among the clown dolls.

2) The Social Commentary!

Beverly (Sophia Lillis) points out that Pennywise uses fear to divide them. If that’s not a jab at what’s going on in our times, I don’t know what it is!

1) The Special Features!

Pennywise Lives!

The Losers’ Club

Author of Fear

Deleted Scenes

Writer’s Note: There may be a director’s extended cut in the foreseeable future. As of now, I can neither confirm/deny this report.

It arrives on Blu-ray and DVD January 9th, 2018.

– By Jorge Solis

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