Season 9 Episode 5, Suits

USA Network continues the final Season 9 of Suits, starring Gabriel Macht and Katherine Heigl, with Episode 5: If the Shoe Fits. Find out how Harvey Specter (Macht) and Samantha Wheeler (Heigl) deal with the consequences with Robert Zane leaving.

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) ends up paying a visit to the firm. More ambitious than ever, Mike wants to prove he’s more than just Harvey’s protege. Making a name for himself, Mike ends up taking against against Harvey and Samantha. 

While Sheila (Rachael Harris) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) are arguing, Samantha refuses to take a loss against Mike and plays her own dirty tricks. During couple’s therapy, Sheila reveals she’s worried about what Louis might think of her. At times, Sheila think her job and motherhood are getting in the way; she might have to choose one or the other.   

SUITS — “If the Shoe Fits” Episode 905 — Pictured: Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt — (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

Donna (Sarah Rafferty) turns to Katrina (Amanda Schull) to help her get over Brian. To prove she’s over Brian, Katrina decides to leave a message on her voicemail. Katrina ends up making a dozen calls and leaving messages on his cell. 

During a girl’s night out, Katrina reveals to Donna that she hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time. She hasn’t opened up to anyone, because she’s afraid of getting hurt. Instead of dating, Katrina decides to take ballet lessons and focus on herself. 

Just as Harvey and Donna are preparing for dinner, Mike reveals the bad news. Samantha fabricated evidence to win her case. Not only is Mike mad at Harvey, If Faye (Denise Crosby) finds out about Samantha crossing the line; this could be end of her career.

While Harvey and Samantha argue about what she has done, Louis pays a visit to Mike. It’s okay to be mad, but Louis explains that shouldn’t ruin a friendship. Before packing up, Mike has a gift from Rachel to Louis for the baby.  

SUITS — “If the Shoe Fits” Episode 905 — Pictured: (l-r) Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Amanda Schull as Katrina Bennett — (Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

While Louis offers Benjamin a well-deserved promotion, Faye ends up firing Samantha for fabricating evidence. 

Suits continues Wednesdays at 9pm on USA Network. 

By Jorge Solis