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5 Reasons We’re Excited For Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Black Panther’ Soundtrack!

Kendrick Lamar, Black Panther, Marvel's Black Panther

(Courtesy of Marvel and Walt Disney Studios) Before Marvel and Walt Disney Studios releases the highly anticipated Black Panther into theaters, Kendrick Lamar will be producing and curating the official movie soundtrack. Check out the lead single from the action/adventure film starring the popular Marvel superhero starring Chadwick Boseman. As we previously mentioned, after the events […]

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Remember ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ From 2014?

Guardians of the Galaxy

(Courtesy of Marvel/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) With Volume 2 now in theaters, and it’s Flashback Friday, we have our review here of the first Guardians of the Galaxy installment released back in 2014. Based on the popular Marvel Comics series, writer/director James Gunn brings the title to live-action form with Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoe […]