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For Veterans Day 2017, WGN America salutes our heroes and war veterans during “Serving with Honor Weekend” with their own special must-see marathons. And don’t forget to take a moment to just say thanks to those who serve during this official United States public holiday.

WGN America celebrates everyday heroes who serve and protect this Veterans Day weekend.  As a tribute to those who serve in the military, WGN will have with back-to-back airings of the Cuba Gooding Jr. and Robert De Niro feature film, Men of Honor, a five-hour M*A*S*H marathon, and fan-favorite episodes of Cops and Blue Bloods.

5) Check out “Serving with Honor!”

4) Saturday, November 11

“Serving with Honor Weekend” features a five-hour M*A*S*H marathon, followed by back-to-back airings of Men of Honor. This marathon starts at 1:00 pm ET/12:00 pm CT.

3) Sunday, November 12

“Serving with Honor Weekend” continues with double marathons. This will feature up to seven hours of Cops followed by five hours of Blue Bloods. The double marathons start at 11:00 am ET/10:00 am CT.

2) Men of Honor Cast!

Not only does the George Tillman Jr. have two o the brightest cast, the supporting cast includes Oscar winner Charlize Theron (Monster).  Before she became Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road and a butt-kicking spy in Atomic Blonde, Theron played the patient but vulnerable Gwen Sunday. Men of Honor is based on the true story of Master Chief Petty Officer Carl Brashear, the first African American master diver in the United States Navy.

1) Tom Selleck!

You loved Tom Selleck with John Hillerman the late in Magnum, P.I. He made a hilarious comeback in Friends. And now Selleck is keeping the Big Apple safe as New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan.

WGN America will air its Veterans Day themed marathon this weekend, November 11th to November 12th.  

– By Jorge Solis