WWE NXT Takeover Blueprint #1

(Courtesy of BOOM! Studios)

An amazing first issue, WWE  NXT Takeover: The Blueprint #1 (BOOM! Studios) delivers the fun appeal of watching your favorite wrestlers kick butt! Readers are definitely going to enjoy the wild behind-the-scenes theatrics from their favorite superstars!

WWE’s NXT brand has become the launching pad for some of Sports Entertainment’s greatest careers, and the home of many of the greatest matches in the history of the wrestling business. Now, learn the untold stories behind NXT in this special weekly event!

Here are 5 reasons why you should read WWE  NXT Takeover: The Blueprint #1:

5) Did You Know…

NXT became WWE’s third global brand. Wrestlers joining NXT became today’s biggest stars. This was the launching pad to Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Braun Strowman, Alexa Bliss and many more!

4) The Writing!

Writer Dennis Hopeless does a great job introducing his many characters. Hopeless portrays Dusty Rhodes as the omniscient narrator who occasionally breaks the fourth wall and jumps into the wrestling ring, Notice how letterer Jim Campbell captures the improvisational takes behind Rhodes’ all-knowing monologues .

3) The Artwork!

A style all its own, artist Jake Elphick delivers a surreal and trippy perspective of Dusty Rhodes’s journey into NXT.  The pages that really stand out to me are the panels featuring Paige. Through crooked angles and extreme closeups, Paige takes the punches as she fights back against Alicia Fox.

2) The Colors!

Colorist Doug Garbark has a vivid palette for each section. The blue tones stand out in Dusty Rhodes’ opening pages. The green hues take hold of the page when Bray Wyatt shows up.

1) A Fun Read!

With a handful of wrestling performances, WWE  NXT Takeover #1 doesn’t hold back on the punches and shows off the bruises these superstars take in! Be on the lookout for Alexa Bliss, The Miz, and Roman Reigns!



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WWE NXT Takeover: The Blueprint #1 arrives in stores on September 5th, 2017.

By Jorge Solis