Bringing Back Young Justice Episode 2, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

With the critically acclaimed animated show returning for its third season, DC Universe gives viewers an in-depth look with Episode 2 of Bringing Back Young Justice (With Whitney Moore)! Find out how the writer’s room became integral for Young Justice: Outsiders.

Our adventure continues as Whitney Moore goes behind the scenes to see how YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS leaps from the page to the screen.

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Here Are 5 Lessons We Learned from Episode 2: “The Animation Process”

5) The Assembly Line!

Producer Greg Weisman explains how the process begins with the characters, “For any given episode, there is an assembly line quality to it. We hand the scripts over to the directors. There’s an amazing design staff.”

4) The Design Process!

Art Director/Lead character Designer Phil Bourassa adds, “I’ve been working on the DC library for so long. Young Justice has a specific design language. It’s about looking at the traditions of how these characters have been depicted in the comic and seeing what elements are iconic to emphasize.”

3) Forager!

Phil Bourassa mentions his favorite character is Forager, who happened on the show recently, “He’s kinda cute! He’s adorable. I didn’t set out to make him cute! He just went that way!”

2) Character Design!

Character Designer Dou Hong also points out how Forager has become her favorite character. “Everybody else is human. But then how he acts, in those situations he gets put in, he really blends in with the group. He’s basically just a teenager too.”

1) The Progressions!

Character Designer Dusty Abell describes the progression, “With the third season, it’s pretty evident there’s been a progression and style. A little bit of aesthetic. We aged everybody, costume tweaks, and I think the fans are going to dig what they see.”

Bringing Back Young Justice With Whitney Moore continues on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis