Bringing Back Young Justice Episode 1, DC Universe

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With the critically acclaimed animated show returning for its third season, DC Universe takes an in-depth look with Bringing Back Young Justice (With Whitney Moore) for the fans! Find out how the writer’s room became integral for Young Justice: Outsiders.

Our adventure begins at the world-famous 2018 San Diego Comic Con with fans hyped for Young Justice: Outsiders. We then join Whitney Moore as she travels to the writer’s room in Burbank to meet producers Brandon Veitti, Greg Weisman, and the writers behind this brand new season. 

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Here Are 5 Lessons We Learned from Episode 1: “Inside The Writer’s Room”

5) Courtney Whitmore!

You will hear Whitney Moore’s voice during this upcoming season as her alter-ego, Courtney Whitmore. Yes you read that right! Courtney Elizabeth Whitmore is also known other superheroes as Stargirl! So say hello to Stargirl on Young Justice: Outsiders!

4) A Reintroduction!

Producer Geg Weisman was ready to jump in with new storylines for the third season, but the writers also pitched some new ideas too. Weismann states, “We also had to sit back. We’re coming back . We need to resell the show and reintroduce the characters. And pull together all the elements from the first two seasons.”

3) The Tonal Changes!

When writer Nicole Dubig asks about the tonal changes, Weisman answers, “One of the goals for season three is to get back to the spy motif. Another motif we were bringing in is horror.”

2) Horror!

Writer Francisco Paredes states, “The emphasis on horror now in season three is more like putting the boogeyman back in the shadows and dealing more with the cloak and dagger, espionage type of villains.”

1) Real World Issues!

Weisman explains how the show will be grounded, “One way to keep it grounded is to make the issues feel very real world. So we’ve got this very unsettled metaphor we’re not pretending it is. One of the major issues is metahuman trafficking, an unsettled metaphor for human trafficking. It’s a huge problem and we’re putting a sci-fi spin on it.”

Bringing Back Young Justice With Whitney Moore continues on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis