Binging Back Young Justice Episode 4, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

With the critically acclaimed animated show returning for its third season, DC Universe provides a behind-the-scenes look with Episode 4 of Bringing Back Young Justice (With Whitney Moore)! Find out how the postproduction process has became integral for Young Justice: Outsiders.

The last stop on our journey to bring back YOUNG JUSTICE, Whitney Moore pulls back the curtain, revealing the post-production magicians who assemble all the final elements that make each exciting episode of YOUNG JUSICE: OUTSIDERS.

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Here Are 5 Lessons We Learned from Episode 4: “Post-Production Process”

5) The Rough Cut!

At Stage B, Producer Greg Weismann explains the editing, “When we get the animation back, we do a first cut. It’s just a rough timing; sound effects, foley effects, and of course, most important of all, music. We enhance the atmosphere with this. And then we do a final edit. We have to lock this down in time. There are decisions to trim to down a little bit, it’s a little long.”

4) It’s All About Timing!

Producer Bruce Vietti describes what the animatics teach them, “We know the length of each shot in the show. In every episode, you’d be surprised we missed something. Sometimes there are inserts that editors do to help us to cheat time.

3) Helping The Mood!

Editor Bruce King states, “The animation, since it’s not live action, we’re looking at it. It might be really great if Grayson stopped, looked at him, raised his eyebrows up, and then said something, just to help the mood.”

2) The Sounds!

Sound supervisor Otis Van Osten adds, “As sound people, we are embellishing. We’re adding little bits and pieces of the horn honking in between lines. We’re trying to add life to whatever we’re making.We kind of like a character that gets to be all the sound guys.”

1) The Music!

Music composer Michael McGuistion, of Dynamic Music Partners, explains how Brion is represented by a french horn, “So we wrote a melancholy theme for him because his story is kinda tragic. That’s going to follow through all the episodes with him, whether he’s involved in that story. Listen for that!”

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By Jorge Solis