5 Reasons To Get ‘Alien Toilet Monsters’ #1 (Omnimorphic)!

Alien Toilet Monsters #1, Omnimorphic

(Courtesy of Omnimorphic Press)

Running on motor-mouthed raunchiness, Alien Toilet Monsters #1 (Omnimorphic Press) takes its hilarious brand of sci-fi comedy over the edge and never takes itself too seriously. Writer Carol Zara and artist co-writer/artist Eric Barnett have crafted a first installment that is surprisingly funny and quite an enjoyable read.

The age old question is finally answered, “Are we alone in the universe?” The answer is both yes, and well, no. You see, it depends entirely on which universe you mean. Forbidden worlds, circular love triangles, and assuredly hard sci-fi, Alien Toilet Monsters is a nihilistic satire that shamelessly probes the underside of humanity. But hey, poop jokes not included.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Alien Toilet Monsters #1:

5) The Writing!

The writing duo of Carol Zara and Eric Barnett have crafted an eccentric cast of quirky. characters. Just about everything wacky and crazy happens at Chez Frankie’s. In the storyline, 4NDR34 is ruled to her VR world or Frank is dealing with his own doppelgänger.

4) The Humor!

When 4NDR34 enters her VR world, she is presented with a wall of clickbait, tabloid news. The satire is cleverly snuck into the off-the-walls narrative. And the extraterrestrial sex scenes are about as insane as you think!

3) The Artwork!

Eric Barnett’s illustrations will definitely stick around the reader’s mind long after they’ve finished reading. Every creature has such a detailed and unique design. The glossy colors may each image strike out so vibrantly.

2) That Splash Page!

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the artist is recreating his short film entitled, Valentine. In a shot for shot homage, Bartnett recaptures Zara in sexy lingerie and rolling around in her bed.

1) A Fun Read!

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Full of comedic gold, Alien Toilet Monsters #1 has tons of witty one-liners and witty humor in the first installment. With a wisecracking cast of characters, readers will definitely want more from Alien Toilet Monsters when they get to the last page.



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Alien Toilet Monsters #1 is available now. Readers can click here for their copy:

By Jorge Solis

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