5 Reasons We Love Barbara Palvin In Julian Perretta’s ‘On The Line’ Video!

Barbara Palvin Line, Barbara Palvin Nude HD

(Courtesy of @julianperretta)

After taking the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 issue by storm, supermodel Barbara Palvin stars in the nostalgic music video Julian Peretta’s latest single, “On The Line.” Not only does the brunette beauty exude confidence and sexiness in the video, she’s just killing it as the leading lady.

After reigning as “Rookie of the Year” in 2016 for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, Palvin continues to make a name for herself in the runways. Because she is a goddess, Palvin appeared in Hercules as mythological queen Antimache. The Hungarian model returned once more to the iconic franchise and paid a sizzling visit to the Caribbean with cover model Danielle Herrington.

Here are 5 reasons we love model Barbara Palvin in “On The Line” music video:

5) The Leading Lady!

Palvin states, “Congrats on ur new single ‘On the line‘ Perrett. Excited to share with everyone a little teaser for the video which is coming out this friday. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did filming it.”

4) Julian Peretta!

“On The Line” is the first single from Julian Peretta’s new album.  A few years ago, “Miracle” was the first track from Peretta’s second album, Karma. Becoming a popular success, the second album made its way to the top of the music charts at #1.

3) The Lyrics!

Calling out for you, calling out for me

Till we rewind

You’ll be my sad song, sad song

Got you on the beat

Play my sad song into the night

You’ll be my sad song, sad song

Hardest to believe

That my sad song’s all that remains

2) She’s Barbara Palvin That’s Why!

In the music video, Peretta appears to be pining over Palvin while watching over raw video footage. The brunette supermodel teases, laughs, and poses for the moving camera.  Her eyes sparkle as she smiles!

1) Check Out The Music Video!!

The current issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, with Danielle Herrington on the cover and Barbara Palvin inside, is available on newsstands now. “On The Line” is the third single from Julian Peretta’s new album.

By Jorge Solis