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(Courtesy of Vertical Entertainment)

Vertical Entertainment has released the terrifying trailer to the witchcraft-centric Blood Craft, starring Madeleine Wade and Augie Duke. Check out what happens when two revenge-driven sisters seek out to get vengeance on their already dead father. 

Two sisters who suffered abuse as children at the hands of their sadistic father decide, after his death, to use witchcraft to bring his spirit back to get revenge.

Here are 5 reasons why we’re excited For Blood Craft:

5) The Ensemble Cast!

Blood Craft

The ensemble cast includes Dominique Swain (Face-Off), Dave Sheridan (The Devil’s Rejects), Mark Rolston (Aliens) and Michael Welch (Twilight).

4) Dominique Swain!

In our interview, director Letia Clouston opened up about working Swain in The 6th Friend, “Dominique’s a total pro—fully in touch with herself and can access any emotion at the drop of a hat.” Now you know why I’m so eager to watch Dominique Swain in Blood Craft!

3) A Very Disturbing Film! 

Co-writer/Director James Cullen Bressack describes his film, “We can’t wait for audiences to discover this unique, thrilling, and very disturbing film.” 

2) Double Duty!

Not only does Madeleine Wade star in the horror flick, she also co-wrote the screenplay. I always find it interesting when actors write their own screenplays, like Good Will Hunting and That Thing You Do! I’m anxious to find out how Wade explores her range through her character here in Blood Craft

1) Bad Kids Go to Hell!

Augie Duke previously co-starred in the twisted Breakfast Club detention movie, Bad Kids Go to Hell. I loved her in the role of the sly Goth girl Veronica Harmon. Really looking forward to see what Augie Duke does as the other sister in Blood Craft!

Blood Craft, which will first play in film festivals through March, will be available on digital and VOD April 9th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis