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A remarkable story from its first page, Eternal (Black Mask Studios) is an unforgettable read that delivers an unflinching personal message. This is one of those rare occasions where the artwork and writing are flawlessly in sync.

A group of shieldmaidens protect their village against a tide of men who think they can take their land from them. Vif takes her band of women of viking to quell the advances of a loitering mystical scumbag, Bjarte. But some battles rage on inside us long after the field is empty; some opponents though won’t stay down.

5) The Writing!

Writer Ryan K. Lindsay mixes historical fiction and ghost stories in this special-sized graphic novella. The quick-paced narrative never loses a beat, especially when there is very little dialogue. The dialogue-free pages are actually my favorite parts of the story.  

4) The Artwork!

Eric Zawadzki delivers an experimental artistic style during the action sequences. When Vif slashes the air with her sword, her body moves gracefully, almost like ballet. The panels capture the ferocity of her intense facial  expressions.

3) The Colors!

Right from the first page, colorist Dee Cunniffe enhances the whiteness of the snowy landscapes. Notice how the entire page is highlighted in red when Vif throws herself into action. The graphic violence is captured so brilliantly in its red tone.

2) The Timely Message!

Eternal has a timely message that strikes a chord with the #TimesUp and the #MeToo movements. Each thought-provoking page has something to say! I am here for Vif putting men of garbage in their place across 68 pages!

1) A Fantastic Read!

A highly recommended read, Eternal is unconventional in its artistry and storytelling. I can’t wait for this creative team to collaborate again on another project!



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Eternal is out in stores on January 31st, 2018.

– By Jorge Solis

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