5 Reasons We’re Excited For ‘Nothing Can Stop Me Now’ Anthology!

Nothing Can Stop Me Now Anthology, NIN

If you love the dark manipulation of sound from Trent Reznor’s music, then readers are going to absolutely love Nothing Can Stop Me Now: More Stories Inspired By The Songs of Nine Inch Nails. A various group of comic book creators have joined together to create an anthology inspired by their favorite NIN songs.

Much like the first volume, comic book creators create 4 to 8 page stories inspired by their favorite Nine Inch Nails songs. The song acts as their inspiration, the jumping-off point, theme or mood for the story. Each story in the collection varies in style and genre.

Here are 5 reasons you should support on Nothing Can Stop Me Now on Kickstarter:

5) Music Meets Comics!

This second volume  will also be a full color hardcover book. In addition to the stories, readers will also find a pinup gallery. The book’s adult content has no boundaries regarding nudity, language or violence. So if you ever wanted to know what an R-rated comic book looks like, here’s your chance!

4) Haunted High-Ons!

The creators of Twizted; Haunted High-Ons are back at with their own short story! Their new story is titled, “Help Me I Am in Hell.”  Dirk Manning wrote the piece, with the pages illustrated by Marianna Pescosta and Alessandro de Fornasari. There’s also a variant cover illustrated by Pescosta that you must absolutely get!

3) The Writers & Artists!

I definitely want to read “Head Like A Hole” by Raven Gregory, Tone Rodriguez, and Jay Fotos. And then there’s “Copy of A” by Shawn Demumbrum and Patricio Batteo; plus “Reptile” by Ethan Scott. Tom Mandrake, Stephan Franck, Jim Mahfood, Christopher Mitten, and Nat Jones will be contributing pinups. I’m not even done with all the top names on the list! 

2) The Rewards!

The best reward from this Kickstarter campaign is the a custom Pop Funko toy. The likeness of the lead singer appears in Woodstock Trent, Pretty Hate Machine Trent, and Modern Trent. You definitely want to get all five of the NIN Custom Funko Pop figures!

1) Check Out The Trailer!

Readers can support Nothing Can Stop Me Now on Kickstarter here.

By Jorge Solis

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