5 Reasons To Get ‘Barrier’ #2 & #3 (Image Comics)!

Barrier #2, Image Comics

(Courtesy of Image Comics)

A thought-provoking thriller, Barrier #2 & #3 (Image Comics) deliver such hotblooded and hypnotic themes that will surely make readers gasp. After debuting on PanelSyndicate.com, the popular webcomic by Brian K. Vaughn, Muntsa Vicente, and Marcos Martin is being published in a limited print run; so make you grab your copy right away!

Barrier dives into violence, language, and illegal immigration…with a shocking sci-fi twist. The interstellar adventure brings together Liddy and Oscar. Can these two outcasts rescue each other, especially since they don’t even speak the same language?

5) What Happened Before…

Barrier #2, Barrier #3, Image Comics,
Barrier #3, courtesy of Image Comics,

In the first installment, the violence started when Liddy discovered a decapitated head in the desert. On the other side of the world, Oscar attempted to cross the border after traveling from Honduras. What they didn’t expect was the fire up in the sky to come from an alien spaceship.

4) The Social Commentary!

Vaughan looks at what America from the perspective of the racist, the outsider, and the foreigner (the alien). Liddy has to push her ignorant views aside as she finds herself trapped and held hostage. There is more emphasis on Liddy and Oscar being lonely souls, even though they don’t understand each other.

3) The Experimental Artwork!

Both installments are printed in its original “landscape” format. This means each issue will be side-stapled for convenient viewing. Your eyes will be drawn more to the wide shots of Muntsa Vicente’s surreal alien designs.

2)The Colors!

Marcos Martin’s vivid palette makes great use of the brightly colored alien creatures. Outer space is a smorgasbord of eye-catching primary colors.

1) A Gripping Read!

A complex look at human nature, the second and third issues of Barrier bring together pop culture and politics in a clever sci-fi landscape. I can’t wait to read the fourth issue!



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By Jorge Solis

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