Goodnight Paradise, TKO Studios

(Courtesy of TKO Studios)

Part surfer noir and a twisted private eye romp, Goodnight Paradise (TKO Studios) is a delicious dark mystery that captures character and atmosphere beautifully. Take a seedy look behind the sun and surf of Venice Beach, California and dive into the sex,money and murder. 

After finding the body of a murdered teenage runaway, a homeless man vows to bring her killer to justice.

Here  are 5 reasons you should read Goodnight Paradise:

5) The Writing!

While laying out the mystery, writer Joshua Dysart delivers a whip-smart social commentary that points a finger at society’s economic problems and poverty treatment. With a traumatized and garbled mind, The Homeless Man is a forgotten figure from Venice Beach’s past. The lettering by Steve Wands captures the loneliness and cynicism behind the sunny beach landscape. 

4) The Artwork!

Artist Alberto Ponticelli captures a breathtaking and seedy Venice Beach, full of surfers and criminals. As reader, I love the look the of the beach, but you know what, there’s something dirty in the water. Unclean mentally and physically, The Homeless Man visually stumbles onto the past and present, uncovering a mystery that echoes corruption. 

3) The Colors!

Colors Giulia Brusco does an amazing job with a vivid palette of sun and sand. The pages capture an engrossing vibe like the sun is always there and the heat is always at a scorching level. Notice how the gray tones capture the grime and dirt behind the Homeless Man’s clothing.

2) TKO!

Interestingly, TKO Studios will release every issue of its mini-series all at once, rather than on a weekly or monthly basis.

1) Neo Noir At Its Best!

A sunny and violent noir tale, Goodnight Paradise is an unforgettable read that you won’t be able to put down. Readers will find themselves mesmerized by the themes of themes of gentrification and absence of meaning. 



Three out of four emojis

Readers can get the first issue of Goodnight Paradise free here and binge-read the entire series from TKO Studios. 

By Jorge Solis