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Known for her action-packed stunt work on Blindspot, Heidi Germaine Schnappauf steps behind the camera and onto the director’s chair with her upcoming film, F-Word. With your support of Kickstarter, you find out what happens when an all-American boy named Mike discovers he likes to sing while wearing high heels.

The story follows Mike and his journey as he has to make the decision of whether or not to give up his heels and thigh highs when his job is threatened. All this happens just in time for Mike to learn that his fiancé is pregnant.

Here are 5 reasons why you should support F-Word on Kickstarter:

5) Humor & Heart!

Schnappauf reveals what the film means to her, “I realized 5-10 minutes was going to be very difficult to not only tell a story, but evoke the emotions associated with the subject matter, and reach a potentially vast, diverse audience. We had an opportunity to tell a story like this, that of a straight, cross dressing male, and make it relatable and inspirational to nearly everyone – and do it with humor and heart.” 

4) The Meaning! 

The F-Word is a story about love, acceptance, understanding and support. Accepting that everyone is different — whether we like it or not — understanding that we don’t have to understand why. And that loving the people we care about most, with all their quirks, make them special and unique. F-Word reminds us to find and celebrate the extraordinary in everyone, including in ourselves.

3) The Rewards!

Pledgers can get a ticket to the red carpet premiere of F-Word! There’s even admission to the after party for you and a special guest. And if you want to start your dreams of getting into Hollywood, your pledge will also get you a producer credit.

2) Her Prowess!

During our interview, stunt actress/writer/director Heidi Germaine Schnappauf discussed how Blindspot had an impact on her, “With the stunts I’m doing, I’m always challenging myself. With every fight scene, our coordinators and our writers try to find something: it’s not always the same. They bring in something different. It’s really changed me in stretching my physical prowess. I’m learning new skills, refining older skills.”

1) Watch The Video!

Season 5 of Blindspot will premiere on NBC for its final season. Readers can find out more about the F-Word here on Kickstarter.

By Jorge Solis

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