A.I. Tales, Pom Klementieff

With a star-studded cast —including Pom Klementieff and Eric Roberts — Hewes Pictures has put together a riveting and thought-provoking sci-fi anthology about the wonders of artificial intelligence, A.I. Tales. Each short installment consistently delivers on the emotion and thrills that pushes the sci-fi genre forward.

Check out these futuristic, high concept stories about artificial intelligence. Whether it’s love found in time of over-population or exploration of the unknown and space-travel, A.I. Tales has a bit of something for every fan of the genre. Altogether, these stories provide a one-of-a-kind experience and a unique view of the near future.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see A.I. Tales:

5) Seed!

SEED TRAILER from Nelson Lee on Vimeo.
Known for her comedic work in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Pom Klementieff surprisingly delivers an unforgettable and heart-breaking performance in writer/director Nelson Lee’s gut-wrenching short, Seed. To combat over-population, Nathan (Lee)’s 40th birthday will be his last. Seed features genuine emotion in a poignant tale about saying good-byes.


Writer/director Kristen Hilkert examines the internal conflict of wanting to leave home and staying connect. Jane (Ashlee Mundy) has the opportunity to do something very few have experienced, but it means leaving her loved ones behind. Mundy delivers a moving and honest performance in IN/FINITE.

3) Phoenix 9!

Phoenix 9 (teaser) from Hewes Pictures on Vimeo.

Director Amir Reichart spotlight humanity’s unbreakable spirit to survive the impossible in Phoenix 9. This is one of those tales I thought the material could have been extended into a feature. In a short period of time, Reichart asks, “Are we able to learn from our mistakes or do we end up repeating them?”

2) Redux!

In writer/director Vitaly Verlov’s gripping Redux, a scientist (Russell Bradley Fenton) must send a warning message through time. As the Tailored Man, Roberts is able to express so much with physicality and charm.

1) 4 Awesome Tales!

A.I. Tales, Pom Klementieff
A.I. Tales

So great at mixing sci-fi and drama, A.I. Tales delivers four awesome tales that will get into the minds of the audience! Each short film in the anthology manages to poignantly say so much about humanity and where we’re going with technology.

A.I. Tales premieres at Black Box Theater in Los Angeles, July 13-19th, and on VOD July 13.

By Jorge Solis