Badlands Season 3 Costumes, AMC

(Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC)

Between the drama and action, AMC doesn’t forget to spotlight the Season 3 costumes behind the martial arts/fantasy drama, Into The Badlands, starring Daniel Wu (Tomb Raider) and Emily Beecham (Hail, Caesar!). Check out how the visually striking costumes are made for the show!

As we previously mentioned, Into the Badlands is a genre-blending story of survival and dominance set in a future feudal society. Within the territory known as the Badlands, a variety of clans struggle for supremacy over one another. These clans have been formed by the destruction of familial bonds and skirmishes over power.

[Spoilers: Make sure you check out recent recaps] Here are 5 reasons we love the Season 3 costumes of Into the Badlands:

5) Giovanni Lipari!

Costume designer Giovanni Lipari joined the AMC drama during the second season, According to Indiewire, Lipari reveals, “The combination of styles had to be completely restyled and reimagined for the show. I had the real freedom of getting any reference from all of humanity: a freedom that seemed to be too large and varied to be synthesized purposefully.”

4) The Post-Apocalypse!

The stunning costumes have to define the various clans at war within this post-apocalyptic universe. These colorful outfits also have to set the show apart as a visual feast.

3) The Sketches!

Season 3’s iconic looks always start with an original sketch from Lipari. Though changes are made, notice how the wardrobe design for Tilda (Ally Ioannides) always start with four buttons for her top. Who says you can’t be a badass and fashionable!?!

2) Purple!

From initial sketch to final look, the trench coat that Gaius (Lewis Tan) wears is always purple! Even the boots he’s wearing are stylish!

1) Nix!

Currently on break, Season 3 of Into the Badlands will continue on AMC.

By Jorge Solis