1/1, Lindsey Shaw

Gravitas Ventures presents a memorable and raw performance from breakout star, Lindsey Shaw, in the visually and emotionally daring 1/1. In his directorial debut, Jeremy Phillips delivers a remarkable coming-of-age tale that audiences will truly be riveted by.

Lissa (Shaw), a twenty-year-old girl trapped in rural Pennsylvania, who grapples with sex, drugs, love and loss. When a possible pregnancy forces Lissa to take a hard look at her life, both her and the structure of the film mature, illuminating a brighter path ahead.

Here are 5 reasons why you should see 1/1:

5) Lindsey Shaw!!!

1/1, Lindsey Shaw

With an edgy sense of humor and angst, Lindsey Shaw delivers an outstanding lead performance. There is so much rawness and heart in her phenomenal performance! Audiences will be blown away by how Shaw is able to express so much and break your heart with one piercing look!

4) Judd Nelson!

Are you a fan of The Breakfast Club and New Jack City? Lindsey Shaw sets the dramatic tone and Judd Nelson follows it up with a unbelievably bold and audacious performance. Nelson expresses so much disgruntlement and pain in the gut-wrenching role of Robert, Lissa’s father.

3) The Filmmaker!

in his feature film debut, Jeremy Phillips wrote and directed a unique coming-of-age narrative that pushes conventions. With rapid-fire editing from Matt Detisch and David Hopper, Phillips’ unbridled vision mixes montages, animations, and slow motion effects. The film never loses focus and pushes Shaw’s magnetic performance further, especially with her poignant voiceover narration.

2) The Music!

I was very impressed by the score from the Liars. The music by the Australian-American rock band adds so much to the film’s style and echoes the emotions of the characters.

1) A Groundbreaking Film!

With its lead performance and visual flair, 1/1 is a a different kind of coming of age. Not only is the writing strong, there is also a remarkable performance put on by Lindsey Shaw.

1/1 will be available on VOD, DVD and Blu-ray July 17.

By Jorge Solis