Tristan Risk Parlour Tricks, Parlour

(Courtesy of Sean Covernton)

With a dynamic cast overflowing with wacky ideas, Parlour Tricks (from House of Hiss and Bad Cookie Pictures) is a wild supernatural comedy that is beaming with off-the-wall audacity. Written and directed by Tristan Risk, Parlour Tricks will definitely be making a lot of noise at the festival circuit.

As we previously mentioned, Parlour Tricks is set during the 1920s. We follow a dysfunctional family who summon an unexpected guest during an unusual seance. When you call out to spirits, something else might answer!

5) The Chemistry!

Tristan Risk Parlour Tricks, Tristan Risk, Parlour
Parlour Tricks

A true delight to watch, Gidget Gravedigger, Emma Eldritch, Tyler James Nichols, and Sean Covernton have such radiant chemistry that instantly clicks. The slapstick humor lands perfectly, hitting its mark each time with the snappy dialogue. The characters are so memorable because each cast member takes chances, making a memorable performance.

4) Black & White!

The black and white cinematography by Jordan Barnes-Crouse captures a cartoony 1920s vibe, reminiscent of old-school gothic tropes. Using wide shots, Crouse frames Sean Covernton’s physical comedy as he exaggerates his body during the seance. I loved how the camera just stayed in place as Gidget Gravedigger and Emma Eldritch bantered back and forth.

3) The Seance!

In a seance gone horribly wrong, the film takes a life of its own as it becomes creative with its own hilarious ideas. The cast and script owns up to their own weirdness and totally run with it, which is why the black humor is so infectious.

2) Tristan Risk!

As the writer/director, Risk has a visual style that really thrives in the zany parts. As a filmmaker, Risk brings about wit and invention from her cast and crew. I would love to see what she does with a feature film!

1) A Surefire Festival Hit!

Tristan Risk Parlour Tricks, Parlour
Parlour Tricks

Parlour Tricks is marvelously imaginative with its bizarre comedy. I’m so excited that the film will be making its rounds at the festival circuit. I cannot wait to see your reaction after you see this movie!

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By Jorge Solis