Niki Rubin Awake, Plead 4 Love

Making a bold statement all her own, Niki Rubin becomes as an instant indie darling sensation as she performs with a tremendous fire in her voice from her first EP, Awake. Thanks to a handful of catchy songs, Rubin demonstrates how her raw and fiery voice is large enough to reach the masses.

Check out this sexy, delicious, glamorous, sensual, and soulful R&B music with yummy hints of Jazz with Niki Rubin’s vocals melted over hot beats by Noodlez. Produced by RoadModel, her first EP, Awake, is about love and respect for ourselves and others.

Here are 5 reasons to listen to Niki Rubin’s Awake:

5) A Plead for Love!

As we previously mentioned, Niki Rubin seduces listeners with her passionate track, Plead 4 Love. Directed By RoadModel, the music video switches between the gorgeous songstress performing on stage and her sexy stroll across the sidewalks of New York. The hand-held camerawork of the video underlines Rubin’s emotions behind her bluesy singing.

4)  Never Leave (Love Me for Me)!

Right from the start, you can tell Rubin isn’t shying away from the personal here. With these tracks, Niki Rubin digs deep within herself to provide an unforgettable set of genuine and heartfelt anthems. Her sweet ballad, such as Never Leave (Love Me for Me), has a loose and soulful R&B bounce.

3) Sick And Tired!

As an artist, Rubin trusts in her songwriting ability and her amazing vocals to carry out a passionate narrative all its own. On its own, Sick and Tired reveals a bareness we can all relate to. When put together, these songs in Awake become a pile of profound truth.

2) Inhale Exhale!

My favorite among the tracklist is Inhale Exhale. Rubin embraces the feisty and raw energy within herself. There’s such an unshakeable confidence coming from the  R&B songstress. With a warm hip-hop soul beat by Noodlez, Rubin delivers a standout track.

1) I Definitely Need More!

After hearing these memorable tracks in Awake, listeners will realize how Niki Rubin is such a passionate singer. Her voice will touch a nerve because it’s both both irresistible and seductive. Thanks to her first EP, Niki Rubin demonstrates she really is the queen of her own music scene.

Readers can buy Niki Rubin’s Awake EP here:

By Jorge Solis