Shadowman #3, Valiant

(Courtesy of Valiant Entertainment)

A gripping supernatural thriller that flows at a fast pace, Shadowman #3 (Valiant Entertainment) delivers lean and atmospheric scares. My favorite issue in Andy Diggle and Stephen Segovia’s run so far, Shadowman delivers a high level of horror and superhero action.

Jack Boniface – the newly returned Shadowman – is back in the one place he thought he’d left behind for good: the damned dimension known as Deadside! His mission? To recover a lost relic of the Shadowman legacy that could redefine the eternal balance of power between the living and the dead. If he fails, the vengeful voodoo god called Baron Samedi will exact a terrible toll on the souls of humanity…

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Shadowman #3:

5) What Happened Before…

For years, Jack Boniface struggled to control the loa’s murderous urges as lived many years of self-imposed exile. The man once known as Shadowman returned home with Alyssa by his side. Mr. Sabatine has something planned for the Shadowman that he won’t see coming.

4) Deadside!  

Writer Andy Diggle surrounds his misplaced protagonist with snarling monsters and hideous creatures. Letterer Simon Bowland captures the hopelessness of Alyssa and Jack’s struggle to be together. In a clever use of split-screen, Jack is unable to break through the dimensional force field. On the other side of the barrier, Alyssa feels like she has lost him all over again.  

3) The Artwork!

Artist Stephen Segovia and Adam Pollina let loose a wild and creative imagination with Deadside. Shadowman finds himself falling into a never-ending pit of teeth. Later on in the narrative, Shadowman is unable to escape a labyrinth of stairs.

2) The Colors!

Notice how colorists Ulises Arreloa and David Baron use the black inks of Shadowman’s leather jacket to highlight his muscles. I like how the greenish tones of Baron Samedi’s skull, with his long hair attached, create a creepy vibe.

1) An Exciting Thriller!

Overall, Shadowman #3 delivers another knockout installment. The last page delivers a shocking plot twist that changes everything!



Three out of four emojis

Shadowman #3 arrives in stores on May 23, 2018.

By Jorge Solis