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Shudder has announced that the streaming service has picked up all the rights to writer/director Issa Lopez’s critically acclaimed Tigers Are Not Afraid. English-language audiences, who happen to be genre fans and cinephiles alike, will discover a horror fable like no other!

Tigers Are Not Afraid is a moving portrait of the dire circumstances of the children left behind by Mexico’s brutal drug wars. Estrella (Paolo Lara) is ten-years-old and alone. Given three magical wishes, she asks first that her missing mother come back, and she does…from the dead. Fearful of the ghost she believes she’s invoked, Estrella escapes to the streets and earns her way into a gang of other children, who have been orphaned by cartel violence. But soon Estrella discovers you can never really leave the dead behind.

Here are 5 reasons we’re excited for Tigers Are Not Afraid on Shudder:

5) It’s Fantastic Cinema!

Issa Lopez

The Tigers Are Not Afraid director says, “Shudder is an outstanding curator of the best and the weirdest of international fantastic cinema, including many of my favorite new movies from trailblazing filmmakers. The opportunity to have Tigers Are Not Afraid among them is an absolute honor.”

4) It’s A Horror Fable!

Shudder General Manager Craig Engler adds, “Tigers Are Not Afraid is a horror fable for the ages, as moving as it is frightening thanks to Issa’s fearless imagination.” 

3) Under Her Spell!

Stephen King described he features as “both tough and touching. Two minutes in, I was under its spell.” Guillermo Del Toro who has called Lopez “a fantastic new voice in the genre.” The Blade 2 director is executive producing her forthcoming projects, a supernatural western.

2) A Festival Darling!

Tigers Are Not Afraid premiered at Austin’s Fantastic Fest, where it earned Best Director honors. The film also went on to pick up more than 50 awards around the world, including Best Feature at Screamfest, Mórbido, Boston Underground, Chattanooga, Toronto After Dark, and Amsterdam Imagine International Fantastic Film Festival. The film won both Jury and Audience awards at Paris Fantastic Film Fest, the Silver Raven and Audience Awards at Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, and ten nominations and two wins at the Ariel Awards.

1)A Name To Recognize!

Tigers Are Not Afraid

Lopez is also developing a musical about Latino culture in Queens, New York for Paramount Pictures, and a supernatural revenge thriller for Legendary.

Tigers Are Not Afraid will premiere on Shudder later in 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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  1. It’s probably a good film, but Shudder is a joke. They’ve been saying all along (for a year now) how they’ve acquired the rights to the movie and yet still have not released it for their paying subscribed customers. And now they say they’re going to release it in theaters first in August and then AFTERWARDS at some unspecified time release it to their SHUDDER PAYING CUSTOMERS?


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