The Banks, TKO

A slick and entertaining crime thriller, The Banks (TKO Studios) delivers an elaborate story of multiple deceptions told with second glances, winks, and meta-nods. What starts as a clever scam surprisingly turns into unexpected family drama.

The women of the Banks family are the most successful thieves in Chicago. But when they stumble upon the heist of a lifetime, they must band together to avenge a loved one taken too soon.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read The Banks:

5) The Writing!

The Banks

Writer Roxanne Gay captures an estranged family reuniting to pull off their big caper.  With an interesting character arc, Celia gradually becomes the criminal mastermind as she learns how to make amends with the past. Letterer Ariana Maher does a great job making it easy to track the twists and turns with the elaborate heist. 

4) The Art!

Artist Ming Doyle does a phenomenal job displaying the anger, reluctance, and reconciliation with the Banks family. Even when the Banks cover their faces with masks, Doyle is able to express so much emotion through their eyes. Doyle delivers emotional performances of a reluctant family coming together.

3) The Colors! 

Colorist Jordie Bellaire does a fantastic job switching the palette back and forth between past and present. Bellaire presents a vibrant and darker color scheme when the narrative turns to crime. The tones are softer and brighter when the story dives into the family drama.

2) The Plot Thickens!

I love how the the heist is conducted by a female ensemble. The younger generation of the Banks don’t understand the personal loss and the violence behind a criminal lifestyle. Just when the heist is going as planned, something turns sideways.

1)  A Slick Crime Tale!

With a charming and interesting cast of female characters, The Banks is an irresistible crime tale. The perfect crime is itself is as daring as it is elaborate. 

The Banks is available now, with the first issue free.

By Jorge Solis

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