Dick Tracy Forever #4, IDW Publishing

An action-packed sci-fi police procedural, Dick Tracy Forever #4 (IDW Publishing) is an entertaining conclusion to the iconic police detective’s visit to the future! Created by Chester Gould in 1931, Dick Tracy transcends time and space in this eye-popping reboot!

Dick Tracy is Sisyphus, pushing the law boulder up the hill as he struggles for reason and order in a world with none. His attempts at law and order are met with crime and chaos, in the form of unpredictable and absurd villains. But Dick Tracy will never give up trying, no matter the era or incarnation.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Dick Tracy Forever #4:

5) What Happened Before!

Dick Tracy finds himself fighting crime in different decades. Even when Tracy is on a romantic date with Tess Trueheart, he is dedicated to the job and obsessed with laying down the law.  Tracy then reluctantly found himself working side-by-side with Private Eye Bricks Walker. When Tess Trueheart ends up on the wrong side of the law, Dick Tracy suddenly finds himself in a coma. 

4) The Writing!

Writer/artist Michael Avon Oeming does a fantastic job putting Dick Tracy is a new environment that feels new and familiar. After the exposition, Oeming brings in holograms, flying cars, and talking brain into the narrative. Shawn Lee’s lettering captures Tracy’s confusion with the futuristic technology and his innate ability to think like a good cop. 

3) The Artwork!

Oeming introduces Detective Brilliant Smith, a walking and talking brain. The brain, with two eyes,  floats inside a bowl and wears a trench coat. I love how Oeming hints an facial expression as the brain spins around inside the bowl. 

2) The Colors!

Colorist Taki Soma spotlights the trippy and psychedelic colors within the panels. Notice how Tess’ pink hairstyle stands out in every panel she’s in. I love how there are blue, green, and pink tiles in the background. 

1) A Fantastic Read!

Dick Tracy Forever #4 delivers a satisfying conclusion to a fun and fresh premise. I really hope to see more tales of Dick Tracy in the future.

Dick Tracy Forever #4 arrives in stores on August 7th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis

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