Joe #2, IDW

A fast-paced followup, G.I. Joe #2 (IDW Publishing) is an action-packed spy thriller that captures the gritty nostalgic throwback of ‘60s paranoia. The second installment examines when a government operates on imprudent immunity and how human nature refuses to succumb to defeat. 

With Cobra ascendent across the globe, the G.I. Joe program takes on new recruits to fight back. Are the recruits, everyday people determined to fight for their country, ready for the realities of war? Or will Cobra root out and destroy the initiative before it has a chance to launch?

Here are 5 reasons why you should read G.I. Joe #2:

5) Yo Joe!

Tyranny is on the rise as Cobra has taken control of the government. Ruthless and corrupt power now spreads across the globe. Desperate measures have to be taken as the new G.I. Joe program recruits civilian spies as saboteurs. 

4) The Writing! 

Writer Paul Allor explores what it means to stay strong after defeat through his protagonist, Rithy Khay, No matter how hard Scarlet tries to break him, Rithy refuses to stay down, even after getting multiple bruises. Letterer Neil Uyetake highlights the annihilating irony of the narrative and emphasizes the theme of human nature’s need to rebel. 

3) The Artwork!

The artwork by Chris Evenhuis illustrates the brutal action sequences between Rithy and Scarlet. Notice how Scarlet holds back her emotions as she sends Rithy to the hospital. Scarlet wants to get close to her teammates but she is afraid of losing them at the same time.

2) The Colors!

With a vibrant palette, Brittany Peer captures a vivid world painted in bright world. Going against type, the dystopian realities in pop culture are usually dreary and moody. Notice how Scarlet’s fight scenes are painted in pink backdrops.

1) A Gripping Spy Thriller!

With a shocking cliffhanger as a bonus, G.I. Joe #2 takes the franchise to a whole new level of intrigue. I love seeing my favorite toys in this type of environment. 

G.I. Joe #2 arrives in stores on October 23rd, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis