G I Joe #1, IDW

Tense and involving, G.I. Joe #1 (IDW Publishing) is a gripping spy thriller that serves as a nostalgic throwback to ‘60s paranoia. The first installment does a fantastic job setting up a super-goverment that operates on imprudent immunity. 

Tyranny is on the rise as Cobra topples governments and spreads its ruthless power across the globe. In these trying times, desperate measures are taken. The new G.I. Joe program recruits civilian spies and saboteurs: ordinary people, living in occupied territories, who will put their lives on the line to strike back through clandestine but high-impact missions. Join these new recruits as they resist Cobra control, fight to make a better world for all, and find out just what they are capable of.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read G.I. Joe #1:

5) Yo Joe!

Like many, I mostly know about the G.I. Joe franchise through the toys and cartoon. It’s interesting to see these characters, like Scarlet, leading a rebellion against a tyrannical government. 

4) The Writing! 

Writer Paul Allor has created a believable world because it has already happened. Through the perspective of Rithy Khay, Allor reflects a paranoid society during World Word II, the Cold War, and even today’s turbulent times. Letterer Neil Uyetake does an excellent capturing the annihilating irony of the narrative, while emphasizing human nature’s need to protest. 

3) The Artwork!

The artwork by Chris Evenhuis kickoffs the action with Duke on the run. Notice how the  chase feels grounded because Duke isn’t in costume and dressed in plainclothes. Towards the climax, there is an exciting action sequence perfectly staged in a single page.

2) The Colors!

With a vibrant palette, Brittany Peer captures a vivid world painted in bright world. Usually, the color schemes in these type of dystopian realities are dreary and moody. I love how Peer colors a beautiful-looking world that is rotten on the inside.  

1) An Intense Spy Thriller!

With a shocking cliffhanger, G.I. Joe #1 takes the franchise to a whole new level of intrigue. I look forward to seeing my favorite toys in this type of environment. 

G.I. Joe #1 arrives in stores on September 18th, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis

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