Fernando Dagnino, Killers #1, Valiant Entertainment

A fast-paced action/adventure, Killers #1 (Valiant Entertainment) moves its slick and cool characters through thrilling mazes of cat-and-mouse games. Killers does an excellent job of introducing its thrill-seeking characters, who all happen to be guns-for-hire.

Five deadly assassins are recruited into a game of cat and mouse by their former sensei, the mysterious Jonin! But what does the Jonin want from them, and what do they gain out of helping him? Each of these assassins can channel their ki—the spiritual energy within all beings—in different ways, granting them incredible powers, essentially making them “superninjas!”

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Killers #1:

5) Going International!

What I really love about the narrative is the international setting. The majority of the storyline takes place in different regions, in multiple countries. That’s why the spy action has a James Bond influence; a nomadic thriller that refuses to stick around in one place. 

4) The Writing!

Writer B. Clay Moore starts the action right off the bat; raising the global stakes on a personal level. After hiding in exile, Ninja-G is forced to come out of retirement to seek payback. She’s about to learn there are other, better players than her in the game though. Letterer Jeff Powell does a great job mixing the captions with the action in the opening pages. 

3) The Art!

Artist Fernando Dagnino has done a fantastic job stamping personality with each character design. Notice how Ninja-G always has the same sunglasses on her face, whether its daytime or nighttime. Dagnino’s illustrations capture the intensity and finesse of the shoot-em-ups and hand-to-hand combat. 

2) The Colors!

José Villarrubia uses his color palette to highlight the backgrounds and stylize the action. Notice how the orange colors of Ninja-G’s sunglasses pop up in the darkness. A major action sequence takes place at an openly bright and sunny Italian market. 

1) An Action-Packed First Issue!

With stylish action and cool characters to boot, Killers #1 is an entertaining read. I can’t wait to get my hands on the second issue of Killers!

Killers #1 arrives in stores July 31, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis