Blondes Podcast, The Blondes, Madeline Zima

Heroic Collective delivers a suspenseful and pulse-pounding adaptation of The Blondes, with the podcast starring Madeline Zima, Helen Hong, and Rob Belushi. Listen closely to the gripping drama behind Emily Schultz’s satirical, sci-fi horror novel in the captivating podcast series. 

Set two years after a virus has infected blonde women with a rabies-like illness, a fictional podcast examines how the virus has changed our culture: from fashionable new fever bracelets, to empowerment pop songs for the infected, to an entirely new understanding of women, gender, and beauty.

Here are 5 reasons why you should listen to The Blondes podcast series:

5) Madeline Zima!

With such an engaging performance, Madeleine Zima captures the heartache and humor behind Hazel Hayes — the unfortunate eight-months pregnant hero. Notice how Zima gets the audience involved in Hazel’s personal life as she becomes disillusioned with her forbidden love affairs. There’s poignancy in Zima’s heartbreaking narration when she says, “America loves pregnant women, it just hates mothers.” 

4) The Commercials!

When Hazel’s diary entires take a beak, the fake commercials take us deeper into the post-apocalyptic world. Listen carefully because the cure is actually much worse than the disease. The fake ads point to the social commentary about how corporations seek to make a profit out of people’s misery. 

3) A Podcast Adaptation!

The podcast adaptation is written by Brian J. Davis and Emily Schultz. Schultz uses the first-person narration to enhance the themes of female ambition and women’s relationships. There’s fear and confusion in the narration as first-hand events of the zombie outbreak are described.

2) The Music!

This is how a horror movie should sound like! Music for the series was composed by Oldfather, with songs by Dawn Lewis and Michael Hussey. The riveting score adds to the mayhem of the zombie apocalypse.  

1) The Cast!

The episodes feature amazing voice-work by Helen Hong, Rob Belushi, Cecilia Corrigan, Yvonne Zima, Dana Berger, Jenny Grace, Carson Elrod, and Bree Elrod. Make sure you listen to the aftershow too as Brian J. Davis and Emily Schultz discuss the podcast’s origins.  

All episodes of The Blondes podcast are available now on iTunes and Spotify.

By Jorge Solis