Sound Scars, Life of Agony

An absolute achievement of the musical spirit, The Sound of Scars (Napalm Records) has triumphantly stamped Life of Agony’s footprints all over the heavy metal landscape. Just as the title of their sixth album suggests, Life of Agony isn’t afraid to show off their scars in order to find an innovative way to nuance their sound. 

As a second chapter to the band’s debut, The Sound of Scars is an impressive continuation of River Runs Red. With all the right ingredients put together, the production/mixing was done by producer Sylvia Massy (Tool); co-production duties shared by LOA’s Joey Z. Sound Engineer Howie Weinberg (Nirvana) was tapped to master the personal record.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get The Sound of Scars:

5) Scars!

After a brief interlude, things kick off very promisingly with the album opener, “Scars.” With hypnotic riffs and a rhythmically crackling drum set, the opening track roars with instinctive passion as the police siren howls in the background. The headbanging masses will undoubtedly get hooked to rest of the tracks thanks to this one.  

4) The Lyrics!

The memorable lyrics become a recognizable hallmark throughout the 14 tracklist. Listeners will be chanting along to “Say it’s over…Cause I need some closure” during the hard-hitting “Black Heart.” Whether it’s “Lay Down” or “My Way Out” or the brooding “I Surrender,” listeners will discover an emotional connection to the instantly appealing lyrics.

3) It’s Electrifying!

Pulsating the mood, the guitar grooves electrify the space between the pitch-perfect vocals and the pummeling drums. While finding catchy ways to weave their vocals and riffs, Life of Agony stays true to their core voice. 

2) Empty Hole!

For me, an album doesn’t work unless there’s a song stuck on repeat. “Empty Hole” is my favorite track in the entire album. I never get tired of listening to this song and repeating the track once it’s over,

1) A Sonic Assault!

Full of raw attitude, personal lyrics, and hard-hitting riffs, The Sound of Scars is an impressive sonic assault from the start. Life of Agony proves it’s in their writing, along with their speed and energy, that makes the music matter.

The Sound of Scars is available now. Life of Agony — featuring vocalist Mina Caputo, guitarist Joey Z, bassist Alan Robert, and drummer Veronica Bellino — embark on an extensive S.O.S. World Tour.

By Jorge Solis