In support of Life of Agony’s upcoming new album, The Sound of Scars, bassist/comic book creator Alan Robert has released a FREE coloring page! Make sure you get this FREE page before the next installment from The Beauty of Horror (IDW Publishing) takes over Mischief Night to a whole new level!

In our previous interview, Robert described how The Beauty of Horror changed his career, “Back then, I never dreamed this would become a bestselling series. So, I’d say that over the course of drawing all of these books, it gave me more confidence as an artist. And I think I found a distinct style along the way.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should get this FREE Alan Robert coloring page:

5) The Sound of Scars!

According to Bloody-Disgusting, Life of Agony is in the middle of recording their new album, The Sound of Scars. The Brooklyn-based band has been working with renowned producer Sylvia Massy in her Oregon studio. As the story goes, Massy set Robert up with a drawing table, which inspired him to draw the downloadable scene,

4) The Recording Session!

The black and white drawing is an undead take on Massy during her recording session. The zombie horde surrounds the tentacle-infested recording equipment. I laughed out loud after spotting the rat drinking coffee.

3) Show Your Love!

After coloring the page from top to bottom, make sure you Tag #LOA and hit up @arobert and @OffiLIFEOFAGONY. Show off your work directly to the band!

2) Tricks & Treats!

As we previously mentioned, Ghouliana is making a big return this Halloween season! IDW Publishing announced a brand new installment in the Alan Robert’s best-selling coloring book series.The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats will take Mischief Night to a whole new level!

1) It’s FREE!

Didn’t you hear us the first time!?! It’s FREE!!! What are you waiting for!?!

The Beauty of Horror: Tricks and Treats arrives in stores September 3rd, 2019! 

By Jorge Solis