Livewire #7, Valiant Entertainment

A pulse-pounding actioner, Livewire #7 (Valiant Entertainment) gets the adrenaline pumping with its hard-hitting super-heroine and a shocking twist to boot. A first-rate sci-fi thriller, readers are going to love how the action sequences roll out in the Livewire series. 

The masterminds behind the Psiot Security and Education Program uncovered! Can Livewire save Phoebe and avoid being captured?

Here are 5 reasons why you should get Livewire #7:

5) What Happened Before!

While investigating the disappearance of a young psiot girl, Livewire stumbles upon OMEN’s secret facility. It’s a training ground where young psiots are taken and taught to control their powers. Is this facility the safe haven Livewire’s dreamed of? Or is there something more sinister to this sanctuary?

4) The Writing!

In the opening pages, writer Vita Ayala jumps back and forth between the bare-knuckled fight and the social commentary. On one side, this is how the media will spin Livewire into a public threat. Notice how letterer Saida Temofonte plays around with the news report through carefully placed captions, as if to say the media coverage is having an effect on Livewire’s concentration.  

3) The Artwork!

I love how artist Kano can make a scene so heartfelt and emotional, with two people sitting in their chairs. Notice the expressions on Livewire’s face as she listens carefully to Phoebe’s somber childhood. It’s a really nice moment to see these two characters trying to make a relatable connection.  

2) The Colors!

Notice how the background turns bloody red during Jada and Livewire’s brawl. The red tones bright out the intense glares between the two. When the fighting ends, the red color goes away and everything turns into a shade of gray. 

1) A Knockout Read!

A top-notch read, Livewire #7 delivers a jaw-dropping cliffhanger! I can’t wait to see where the second arc of the Livewire series goes from here!  



Three out of four emojis

Livewire #7 arrives in stores June 19th, 2019.

By Jorge Solis