Paradox, Source Point Press

A fast-paced sci-fi adventure, Paradox (Source Point Press) delivers an inventive and emotionally moving time-travel tale. With an interesting concept, the one-shot special dives deep into the themes of parenthood and sacrifices. 

A boy is racing to prevent the paradox that creates him but also threatens to destroy reality. “How do you save reality from yourself?” asks acclaimed cartoonist Phillip Sevy (Triage). Explore the evolving relationship between fathers and their children.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Paradox:

5) The Writing!

As the writer, Phillip Sevy uses time-travel as a way to help human nature become better. Sevy dives deep into the heart of the relationship between fathers and their sons. The lettering does a great job examining the complicated rules of time-travel, without confusing the reader with its nonlinear storytelling.

4) The Artwork!

Artist Phillip Sevy jumps back and forth between the present and future. The future landscape is apocalyptic, with buildings turned to rubble and bridges cut short. The present timeline captures the hip  and trendy suburban neighborhoods of San Francisco.

3) The Colors!

The color palette heightens the primary colors to differentiate the timelines. Notice how the palette starts to blend together when the timelines, the events start to converge. The endearing relationship between father and son is portrayed in closeups. 

2) The Themes!

Parenthood comes with making sacrifices, not for yourself but for someone else. You’re supposed to be making the future better for the children, because you have gone past your prime. That powerful message really comes through in the thoughtful dialogue.

1) A Great Sci-Fi Tale!

Exceptional in story and art, Paradox will really hit you in the gut by the time you finish reading. Time-travel is really trippy in the right hands, and this one certainly is. 

Paradox arrives in stores on January 29th, 2020. 

By Jorge Solis