Apocalypse Girl, Source Point

With a great premise, Apocalypse Girl #1 (Source Point Press) presents an atmospheric survival thriller that explores the boundaries of self-identity and parenthood. Mixing the western and sci-fi genres,  Apocalypse Girl carries enough of the essential ingredients to capture the reader’s attention. 

Upon returning from the makeshift foxhole where her Papa sent her to hide from raiders, Anna finds his tattered body, ripped apart in a manner she recognizes to be the work of creatures he referred to as “hunter-fiends”, thrusting her into the position of now having to fend for herself while balancing the lifelong lessons from Papa with her own desire for retribution.

Here are 5 reasons to get Apocalypse Girl #1:

5) The Writing!

At the heart of the narrative, writer Les Garner explores the dynamic relationship between a father and daughter, Anna and Jedediah. Knowing his days are numbered in the apocalypse, Jedediah has to raise Anna to be independent and strong enough to survive without him. The lettering does a great job highlighting Anna’s emotional perspective, as she sees her father as a hero.

4) The Art!

Garner captures Anna as an iconic gunslinger with her leathery wardrobe and boots. With the right western look, Jedediah has his double barreled shotgun and cowboy hat. Interestingly, an old fashioned quick-draw standoff takes place in the middle of the streets. 

3) The Colors!

In the color scheme, the apocalypse is always set in black tones and grayish shades. It’s as if the sun has been blocked out and the setting is always nighttime. This is what Anna’s red hair really stands out in the pages. 

2) The Female Gunslinger!

As the protagonist, Anna is an interesting character to root for. She has to be hardened on the outside because the streets are run by monsters and lawless men. But on the inside, she has this profound love for her father. 

1) An Apocalyptic Western!

A great introduction, Apocalypse Girl #1 is captivating enough that readers will genuinely enjoy. Anna starts out promising and fully clicks into the western frontier. 

Apocalypse Girl #1 arrives in stores on January 29, 2020. 

By Jorge Solis