Unearthians #1, The Unearthians #1

An engaging read, The Unearthians #1 (Moras Productions) delivers a tense and action-packed paranormal thriller with two interesting protagonists. With a well-plotted buildup, the Unearthians series has tons of potential left to explore after its character-driven installment. 

Two best friends, Mateo and Carter, are abducted, but the aliens made a big mistake by bringing them into their ship. Now in an underground base somewhere on Earth our heroes, with the help of other beings, will help humanity by uncovering the dark agenda the aliens have in store for Earth.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get The Unearthians #1:

5) The Writing!

The Unearthians #1

Writer Omar Mora does a great job introducing the dynamic relationship between Mateo and Carter. Even though the two are not related as brothers, Mora captures a vibrant sibling rivalry between Mateo and Carter as they get into fights together. The lettering by HdE focuses on the nonstop banter between the two and switches to Spanish sometimes when Mateo speaks.  

4) The Artwork!

Notice how artist Mauricio Alvarez highlights the different personalities between Mateo and Carter through their distinct character designs. Mateo is more muscular than his counterpart and has longer hair. Carter is more relaxed, laid back in his poses as he always has a smirk on his face.

3) The Colors!

Colorist Edwin Estrada uses different tones of purple and green to match their moods. The green tones highlight Carter’s eyes and his blonde hair. When the alien abduction takes place, notice how page is awash in red.  

2) The Signings!

Golden Apple Comics will host the release and signing event with Omar Mora on Wednesday July 17 from 10 am to 12 pm. The series will be available digitally at Comixology.com and in print formats in local comic book stores in Los Angeles including Golden Apple Comics and Legacy Comics, and through the website TheUnearthiansComics.com.

1) An Entertaining Start!

Off to a great start, The Unearthians will have you laughing at and rooting for the comedic personalities of Mateo and Carter! Can’t wait to see how The Unearthians continues its drive across the next 11 issues.

The Unearthians arrives on July 17th, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis