Manowar #15, Valiant Entertainment

(Courtesy of  Valiant Entertainment)

A great historical adventure, X-O Manowar #15 (Valiant Entertainment) captures the action and emotion behind the sword and sandal genre. A perfect jumping-on point for new readers, the X-O Manowar series dives into the past in an interesting prequel installment.  

Return to the apex of Visigoth conquest as a younger, brasher Aric and a sword-wielding grifter set off on a continent-spanning quest for fortune, glory, and power! From the bloodstained sands of the gladiatorial arena to the dunes of the Arabian Desert, meet the man who would become the warrior-king of an alien civilization – and our own world’s most powerful hero – as he sets out to seize his destiny once upon a time in a land of faraway kings and unrepentant conquerors!

Here are 5 reasons why you should get X-O Manowar #15:

5) Barbarians!!

This is the the first part of a new story arc entitled, “Barbarians.” For new readers, this is a great way to find out who Aric was before his armor. It’s an interesting way to find out how Aric ended up with battle scars.

4) The Writing!

Personally, I love Matt Kindt’s writing; soothes is an easy choice to me. Kindt cleverly narrates two stories in one issue. Before Aric’s origin begins, with letterer Dave Sharpe captioning the story within a story, Sabbas has a Homer-esque tale to give before starting his odyssey.

3) The Artwork!

I love how artist Trevor Hairsine visually illustrates the ancient past with such detail. Notice how cocky, brash, and reckless Aric is in his expressions. Inkers Brian Thies and Stefano Guidano highlight the textures of the swords and armor.

2) The Colors!

Colorist Diego Rodriguez uses the scorching sun as his light source. The sunlight brightens the slashing and clashing of the sword, especially when Aric jumps into action.

1) A Fun Read!

If you love sword-&-sandal tales, then you should definitely pick up X-O Manowar #15. I can’t wait to see how “Barbarians” continues!



Three emojis out of four

X-O Manowar #15 arrives in stores on May 23rd, 2018.

By Jorge Solis