Eros Point, Abandoned House

Abandoned House Productions and Fitch Fort Films present the endearing post-apocalyptic romance drama, Eros Point: A Story of Undying Love, starring Asta Paredes and Clay von Carlowitz. Discover how the tension and suspense unfolds when an unseen foe disrupts the relationship of a married couple.

On the run, a couple, Sarah (Paredes) and Evan (Carlowitz), return to their remote getaway. They must grapple with the end of their relationship.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Eros Point: A Story of Undying Love on:

5) Asta Paredes!

EROS POINT: A STORY OF UNDYING LOVE from Abandoned House Productions on Vimeo.

In such tender moments, Asta Paredes presents a strong-willed and determined character who refuses to waste time. Sarah (Paredes) knows she is dying, but she is not in a self-deprecating state of mourning. Because she has accepted her fate, Sarah uses her last breaths to guide Evan to where he needs to be. 

4) Clay von Carlowtiz!

In a heartfelt performance, Clay von Carlowitz is quite sympathetic and genial in his role as Evan. Putting on a strong and brave face, Evan (Carlowitz) is the everyman trapped inside an extraordinary situation. Evan is stuck in the past, but nostalgia is much better than his future.

3) Never Have I Ever!

Eros Point

Sprinkled throughout the movie, the song, “Never Have I Ever,” holds a special visual meaning. Presenting the movie’s somber mood, the lyrics harken back to the couple’s best of times. With a lovely and unforgettable voice, Paredes nails the lyric’s meaning in an emotional performance.

2) The Unconventional Storytelling!

The past and present intertwine as we examine the relationship between Sarah and Evan during happier times and at its breaking point. During our interview, writer/director McKegg Collins explains the nonlinear storytelling, “Showing the past in Eros Point was crucial to understand what Evan is trying to get back to. To harken back to the past, in order to escape the very pressing and deadly future. It doesn’t work out of course, because you cannot live in the past forever. It’s a dangerous notion that Sarah beats out of him in the end.”

1) Zombies & Romance! 

Eros Point

With two charismatic leads, Eros Point: A Story of Undying Love cleverly uses its post-apocalyptic setting to focus on the emotional arc of this tragic couple.

Eros Point: A Story of Undying Love can be seen here.

By Jorge Solis