Harley Quinn, DC Universe

DC Universe premieres the highly anticipated pilot for Harley Quinn, Episode 1: Til Death Do Us Part, starring Kaley Cuoco and Lake Bell. Dr. Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, wants to known more in the criminal underworld than as The Joker’s girlfriend. 

While trying to steal the money off of a private yacht, Harley Quinn’s moment in the spotlight is ruined by the Joker (Alan Tudyk)’s interruptions. The Batman (Diedrich Baker) drops in to stop the criminal proceedings. The Joker promises to break his girlfriend out of Arkham Asylum, but he never keeps his word.

After nine months in Arkham Asylum, Harley Quinn is starting to sound like a broken record. The other inmates know the Joker will not come in to help her escape. Even though Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) stages a riot, Harley Quinn won’t use the opportunity to make a break for it; thinking the Joker will show up.

Harley Quinn

Poison Ivy reminds Harley Quinn that she was a good doctor before, who diagnosed her fear of intimacy with plants. Even after giving herself good advice about taxi relationships, Harley refuses to listen. Reeling her back in, the Joker says he was trying to save his girlfriend because Batman was chasing after him.  

With the Riddler (Jim Rash)’s help, Poison Ivy plots an elaborate scheme to show Harley Quinn that her boyfriend doesn’t love her. Held hostage, the Joker has to choose between saving Harley Quinn from a vat of acid or letting Batman die. The Joker refuses to let the Riddler defeat him and allows his girlfriend to fall into a vat of acid.  

The vat of acid is actually margarita mix. Harley Quinn is really depressed because she just figured out the Joker doesn’t love her; he loves Batman. To regain her confidence, Harley Quinn gets rid of the old costume and gets a makeover.

With self-confidence and a new outfit, Harley Quinn gives the Joker and his henchmen a beating they will never forget. She takes them all down by causing bombs to explode their heads. She leaves Joker alive because she wants him to regret the pain he caused her. 

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn now joins Poison Ivy to carry out her new mission on life.  

Harley Quinn continues Fridays on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis