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Epic Pictures and Dread present the trippy and twisted mind-bending slasher, Lucky, starring Brea Grant and Dhruv Uday Singh, on Shudder. Director Natasha Kermani provides a thought-provoking social commentary in the midst of a hallucinatory nightmare.  

“Life takes a sudden turn for May, a popular self-help book author when she finds herself the target of a mysterious man with murderous intentions. Every night, without fail he comes after her, and every day the people around her barely seem to notice. With no one to turn to, May is pushed to her limits and must take matters into her own hands to survive and to regain control of her life.” 

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Lucky:

5) Brea Grant!

Walking the fine line between protagonist and antagonist, Brea Grant captures an unhinged performance of an emotionally headstrong character on the verge of a breakdown. May (Grant) has to physically defend herself from her attacker and from societal norms. In Grant’s screenplay, May’s own words and frustrations are turned against her as the attacks increase.  

4) The Man!

Shout out to Hunter C. Smith for his physical mannerisms as The Man. The camera lens captures something distinctive about Man’s face. I couldn’t figure out if he was wearing a mask or if his skin was peeling off. 

3) The Camerawork! 

In a gorgeous looking sequence, the photography by Julia Swain captures the suspense in blue and red hues. Without saying too much, the scene makes you feel you’re trapped in the basement with May and the other supporting characters.

2) The Direction!

Director Natasha Kermani is completely focused on creating a trippy and hallucinatory atmosphere ending while presenting an open-ending that will leave audiences reeling.  Kermani’s social commentary leaves loose ends for the audience to think about.  Kermani isn’t interested in coming up with easy solutions but grounding the unresolved plot points in reality. 

1) A Cerebral Thriller!

Brea Grant as May-Lucky_Season 1-Photo Credit:Shudder

As a cerebral thriller, Lucky screams because it has something to say about today’s relevant issues. By the end, the film will definitely leave viewers shocked and angry. And I’ll be there to tell you told ya!

Lucky will premiere and debut exclusively to Shudder on March 4, 2021, as well as in the AMC+ bundle where available. 

By Jorge Solis

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