With an engaging cast, Ash and Bone, starring Jamie Bernadette and Angelina Danielle Cama, is a solid mix of family drama and slasher/thriller. Director Harley Wallen manages to switch between the emotional scenes while holding onto the scares. 

THE PLOT: “Cassie is a rebelling teen and with a new stepmom it escalates and her father Lucas decides to take her and his new wife Sarah out of the city for some bonding and quality time together. What they find instead is the McKinley’s an urban legend more true and terrifying than their worst nightmare.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should see Ash and Bone:

5) Angelina Danielle Cama!

As Cassie, Angelina Danielle Cama does a fantastic job of capturing an emotionally broken down protagonist. Cassie holds onto her anger towards her father Lucas (Harley Wallen) and stepmother Sarah (Kaiti Wallen), who also fail at making a connection with her. Cama’s personal turmoil raises the emotional stakes as the bloodshed ensues.

4) Jamie Bernadette!

Always a joy see on-screen, Jamie Bernadette has great chemistry with Mason Heidger. As Anna and Tucker. Bernadette and Heidger have their own subplot, which has a different vibe. More of a crime thriller, Anna and Tucker dive into snuff films and discover corruption lurking within their small town. 

3) The Cinematography!

Alex Gasparetto does an exceptional job handling the camerawork and editing. The camera captures the seedier part of town, with its dive bar, while creating a claustrophobic atmosphere within Lucas and Sarah’s new home.

2) The Direction!

Brett Miller has written an engaging narrative that jumps around genres. The story develops into a coming-of-age tale, an investigative subplot, a family drama, and  a home invasion. With Cassie’s story arc, director Harley Wallen focused on the emotional payoff from Cama’s performance.

1) A Twisted Family Thriller!

Ash and Bone delivers a neat twist with the family drama. With Angelina Danielle Cama as the standout, the ensemble cast does a great job with the dark material. 

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By Jorge Solis