Toxic Impulses

Indie Rights presents the riveting crime thriller, Toxic Impulses, starring Olivia Buckle and Benedikt Sebastian. Writer/directer Kyle Schadt has put together an ensemble of unforgettable characters and breakout performances in this terrific drama.

The Plot: “An ex-police detective tries to help a bank robber take down her handler.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Toxic Impulses:

5) Olivia Buckle!

As I mentioned before Olivia Buckle delivers a knockout performance as the femme fatale Zemira. Buckle’s fantastic performance keeps audiences guessing as to whether Zemira might be a damsel in distress or a criminal mastermind two steps ahead of everyone else. As the stakes build up, viewers will want to watch how Zemira will get herself out of this situation.

4) Benedikt Sebastian!

Benedikt Sebastian plays the unlucky Mosely who seems way out of this league. When Mosley and Zemira interact, Sebastian has such great onscreen chemistry with Buckle. You understand why Mosley feels drawn to a lost soul but he cannot look look away from his seductress. 

3) The Cinematography!

The camerawork by Jordan Rennert captures the shadowy elements from the noir genre. Rennert’s cinematography captures the hard times and the bright lights of an unforgiving city landscape. In a suspenseful sequence, the camera follows Buckle’s facial expressions as if Zemira is making fast decisions on the spot during a bank robbery. 

2) The Direction!

Writer/directer Kyle Schadt highlights the emotional turmoil of the ensemble cast as their characters fall deeper into the criminal activities. Schadt’s editing builds the fast-paced energy of the brand robberies and car chases. The climax highlights the payoff between the emotional standoffs. 

1) A Solid Crime Thriller!

Toxic Impulses is a solid crime thriller that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Olivia Buckle’s magnetic performance is what makes this drama memorable. 

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By Jorge Solis