Gravitas Ventures presents the intense psychological thriller, Outpost, starring Beth Dover and Ato Essandoh, Writer/director Joe Lo Truglio has crafted a claustrophobic survival thriller with solid acting from the ensemble cast and tons of suspense.

The Plot: After a violent attack, a woman searches for strength in the solitude of a lookout job, but is overwhelmed by something darker.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Outpost:

5) Beth Dover!

Beth Dover delivers a knockout performance as the emotionally-wrecked Kate. As Kate, Dover portrays a flawed protagonist who is incredibly fragile one moment and exudes strength the next. Dover has such great on-screen chemistry with her scene partners, such as Dylan Baker and Becky Ann Baker. 

4) Ato Essandoh!

I gotta say, Ato Essandoh has become one of my new favorite actors after watching him in The Diplomat. Essandoh captures the weariness and bitterness of Kate’s superior, Earl. In certain scenes, Essandoh makes himself look older and more fatigued while Earl speaks with Ranger Dan (Dallas Roberts). Now that’s what I call acting!

3) The Cinematography!

The cinematography by Frank Barrera does a great job creating a claustrophobic vibe, especially through the grand vistas. The camera angles somehow make Kate feel small against the mountains, which reflects her internal struggles. Barrera is also able to make the horror action feel frightening, especially during broad daylight. 

2) The Direction!

I personally think there is some kind of allegory about violence and trauma going in the narrative. As a clever screenwriter, Truglio lays down clues within the dialogue that hold resonance for second viewings. With each shot, Truglio showcases his drive for character development as well as his passion for horror. 

1) A Suspenseful Flick!

For his directorial debut, Joe Lo Truglio has put together an engaging and tense thriller, led by a strong lead. I look forward to his next project and what he does next as a filmmaker. 

Outpost lands in theaters and on-demand on May 19, 2023. Readers can find out more about the movie here: