From Uncork’d Entertainment, I’ll Be Watching, starring Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley, is a fast-paced psychological thriller with a bit of a sci-fi twist. With breakout performances from its leading stars, director Erik Bernard has crafted a thriller that balances scares and surprises.

After her tech genius husband Marcus (Morley) leaves on a work trip, Julie (Taylor) – still mourning the loss of her sister – is trapped in their new, isolated home and must fight her own fears to stay alive.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch I’ll Be Watching:

5) Eliza Taylor!

In the role of Julie, Eliza Taylor has to play a protagonist who becomes flawed by her doubts and delusions. Julie is traumatized by her past and stressed from her relationship. Audiences will also be guessing whether or not they should believe Julie due to Eliza’s captivating performance.

4) Bob Morley!

Bob Morley does a great job in his portrayal of Marcus. Morley gives interesting takes on the character making audiences guess whether or not they should trust him. Is Marcus the good guy because he’s struggling with his relationship with Julie? Or is Marcus really the bad guy because of his strained relationship with Julie?

3) The Direction!

Director Erik Bernard lays out the map of the hi- tech house and uses every corner, hallway to create a claustrophobic vibe.  The cinematography by Thomas Hennessy makes great use of its single location. Thankfully, every shot inside the house doesn’t feel repetitive. 

2) The Sci-Fi Twist!

Screenwriters Sara Sometti Michaels and Elisa Manzini have done wonders with their single location, while adding a clever sci-fi spin. Michaels and Manzini ground the sci-fi concept of a hi-tech house, which has its own drawbacks and issues. While giving the house a robotic female voice, Taylor is able to express more through her monologues.

1) A Solid Home Invasion Thriller!

With its sci-fi premise and surprising plot twists, I’ll Be Watching becomes a solid home invasion thriller. And if you’re a fan of The 100, you’re going to love seeing the leads on your screens again. 

 I’ll Be Watching hits digital platforms on May 2, 2023.

By Jorge Solis