13, fanboy

With its smart social commentary, the meta-themed 13 Fanboy, starring Dee Wallace and Hayley Greenbauer, is a solid slasher that packs in imaginative kills and savvy characters. Co-writer/director Deborah Voorhees impeccably manages to push the horror genre to another level with its memorable female characters and their relationships. 

PLOT: “A fan, who takes his love for the series too far and targets the real-life women from the franchise to kill them like they were killed in the Friday films or ‘improve’ their deaths.”

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch 13 Fanboy:

5) Hayley Greenbauer!

Hayley Greenbauer drives her scenes as Kelsie Voorhees with such a charismatic prowess. When a close friend ends up missing, Kelsie (Geenbauer) takes matters into her own hands and investigates the disappearance. Geenbauer jumps right into the role and captures an engaging, likable character. 

4) Dee Wallace!

Dee Wallace knows right when to switch between comedic and dramatic with such ease. In the opening scenes, watch how Wallace carries herself with such magnetic charm with the fans at a horror convention. I loved the scenes between Greenbauer and Wallace because they have such great chemistry together. 

3) The Commentary!

What’s great about the writing from Deborah Voorhees and Joel Paul Reisig is how the storyline dives into various subjects without getting muddled. The clever writing takes jabs at toxic fandom, dives into the convention circuit, and explores the craft of acting. There’s a great scene featuring Kane Hodder who illustrates the pains of auditioning and getting rejected. 

2) The Direction!

Interesting to me, I love how 13 Fanboy manages to satirize slasher movies while still being an entertaining slasher at the same time. When Corey Feldman pops up during a scene-stealing cameo, what’s hilarious about the moment is that he is also in on the joke as well. The editing by Voorhees and Riley C. Morris moves at a breakneck speed, especially when Hodder confronts the obsessed fan. 

1) A Fun Slasher!

While being self-aware 13 Fanboy has a lot of fun turning the slasher formula upside down. Horror fans are definitely going to enjoy this one!

13 Fanboy is now available on the major streaming platforms or at select theaters.

By Jorge Solis