FindingOphelia, Finding Ophelia

Finding Ophelia, starring Jimmy Levar and Christina Chu, is a visually stunning and wild experimental drama that packs a major wallop. Writer/director/editor Stephen Rutterford uses every camera angle and editing trick to enhance the visual experience to the max. 

Plot: William Edgar inhabits a strange dream-like reality. His obsession with a mysterious woman leads down a bizarre path full of signs and wonders. Sometimes finding the girl of your dreams can be a nightmare.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch Finding Ophelia:

5) Jimmy Levar!

You really have to give Jimmy Levar a big round of applause. Usually with these experimental flicks, the performances take a step back. But no! Levar puts himself front and center with a charismatic performance that competes with the colorful visuals. 

4) The Big Apple!

The cinematography really hits it out of the park when the camera captures the cityscape of New York. The camera makes the lively city feel like it is another character and not some tour guide.

3) It’s A Mind-Bender!

This whole feature film is one helluva trippy mind-bender. I came away at the conclusion having to think twice and contemplate the ending’s message. At best, after scratching my head too, I think the message comes from a famous quote from Edgar Allan Poe. 

2) The Direction!

Writer/director/editor Stephen Rutterford aims to be a showman with his fast-paced editing tricks and bold cinematography. Rutterford may have crafted some kind of brain-bending metaphysical trip with the hypnotic imagery. Every scene feels like there’s something new as if Rutterford still has a idea to play out. 

1) The Wild Visuals!

Finding Ophelia invites viewers to become a part of the wild visual experience. Viewers will be surprised at where the film takes them on the ride 

Finding Ophelia can be seen in theaters, Amazon Prime, and Google Play. 

By Jorge Solis