Introducing Jodea, Jodea

Introducing Jodea, starring Chloe Traicos and Jeff Coppage, works as a charming romantic comedy and as ironic Hollywood satire. Director JD Cohen takes an in-depth look at relationships while taking aim at the struggles of trying to succeed in Hollywood. 

Plot: “Jodea Maxwell (Traicos) is a struggling young actress whose life and fortunes change the moment when a world-famous movie director, Zac Kawalsky (Coppage), crashes into the back of her car. He has one week to turn the world’s worst actress into a star.”

Here are 5 reasons why you have to watch Introducing Jodea:

5) Chloe Traicos!

Chloe Traicos does a great job with her comedic timing as viewers are introduced to the down-on-her-luck Jodea Maxwell. Jodea has dreams of becoming a big star but her life has become stuck at the bottom rung. Traicos always manages to keep her character under a sympathetic light even under awkward situations. 

4) Jeff Coppage!

Jeff Coppage manages to play off the cynicism of his sleazy character. Filmmaker Zac Kawalsky (Coppage) would rather direct from his trailer than step onto a movie set. Coppage and Traicos have such great chemistry when they pop up on screen together.

3) Hollywood!

Traicos, who also serves as the screenwriter, plays around with the movie within a movie narrative. Not only does the crew have to deal with diva shenanigans, they are also trying to make ends meet with their low-paying jobs. In a hilarious moment, Traicos caricatures that one filmmaker who has multiple jobs while shooting a porno scene.  

2) The Direction!

Director JD Cohen not only mocks Hollywood but also pays tribute to the people working in movies. The cinematography by David Auner captures the whimsical limelight and the grounded realism. You’re either going to love being under the spotlight or it’s going to get annoying.  

1) Witty And Smart!

Audiences will come away with a heartwarming and witty adventure from Introducing Jodea. Viewers will definitely enjoy the payoff from the romantic comedy part. 

Introducing Jodea arrives in theaters on June 4th, 2021. 

By Jorge Solis